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the showcase of emotions :

The Showcase of Emotions is a multi-purpose room in the Gallery in which the works will be enhanced and versioned with an accompaniment of light, sound and aromas that will provide a special sensory experience for visitors.

friends of the gallery :

The Gallery wishes to have as spectators and friends all citizens, artists, collectors and all particularly sensitive people who enjoy and communicate with the beauty and poetry that arises from art and cultural knowledge.

cultural seminars :

The Gallery will be a meeting place where seminars will be held periodically for reflection and discussion on art and culture in all its multiple and diverse forms and possibilities.

the art library :

The Gallery has a collection of art documents, including the Summa Artis, a universal encyclopaedia of art, with more than 50 volumes, as well as books and biographies of all the artists on display.
This documentary collection can be freely consulted and studied in a dedicated space by anyone who is interested. Any specific art study you may wish to carry out will be supported by the Gallery, as research is also one of its objectives.

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