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The Gallery's objectives are to promote, awaken and motivate culturally sensitive people to get started in the hobby and collecting art.​​

Well-selected painting and sculpture have the property and virtue of accompanying and favoring the atmosphere of places where there is personal activity, whether it is the home, office or consultation. A painting represents having a window open to another space, that of the artist's vision and impression that, with its special quality, makes it connect with the viewer's sensitivity. The observation and company of a painting or sculpture can even facilitate a positive change in people's mood.​

paisaje con personas navegando por el rio y al fondo el pueblo, mientras que otros particpantes estan en la orilla

The decoration of an environment can be modified simply by incorporating or changing the location of art objects that, with their light and their position within the house, can look different every day.​​

The purchase of selected and author's art represents access to a special material good: On the one hand, you access the beauty of the work and on the other hand you access an immaterial or intangible good that is the spirituality and sensitivity that the The author is able to transmit to the viewer through his work.​

señorita descansando en una terraza frente al rio, con el paisaje de dos casas al fondo

A well-selected work of art is also an investment that can be appreciated over time and that will never be an object to be disregarded in a possible renovation or remodeling of an environment, but will always have an economic value in exchange or exchange for another, if is that, in a variation of the decorative style, the work will no longer be subjectively compatible.

​​ The concept of art collecting does not mean having to invest large sums of money. The Gallery exhibits and promotes authors and works that are not chosen especially for the price, but for their beauty, their quality and the ability to transmit emotions to the viewer.

paisaje marinero cuando las barcas salen a pescar, y al fondo la imagen de un pequeño pueblo
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