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Juan Andrés Varea García
Juan Varea was born in 1963 in the town of Chilluevar, in the province of Jaen, but when he was very young his family moved to Tarragona, which is the city where he has spent all his life and where he feels fully identified
He started drawing at a very young age, he studied at the art school in Tarragona, which, together with his engineering studies, helped him understand shapes, perspectives and geometries.
But his exceptional talent for painting was not discovered and put into practice until much later: It was in 2006, when, after visiting and doing rehearsals in several workshops of his friends, he decided to become painter. Juan Varea is currently an artist entirely dedicated to painting with nearly 20 years of experience.
Juan, remembering what his parents called him and his childhood, set his stage name as Juan Varea.
Juan Varea has traveled expressly through Europe and America to paint his best urban landscapes, musical and horse themes, but his love for his beloved city has always led him to paint any view and any corner of Tarragona.
He has exhibited his work in several Spanish provinces and foreign countries, among which stand out the many held in Tarragona, Reus, Cambrils, Horta de Sant Joan, Ayamonte, Valderrobres, Cretes and internationally, New York and Boston.
As Juan Varea's work has evolved with the experience and wisdom of the artist, it has gone from an initial very explicit figurative style, to becoming an expressionism with touches of abstraction, his works are easily identifiable.
Juan Varea paints with a great mastery of light and with a very simple and characteristic color palette, he studies very carefully the project he wants to paint, giving his work a part of real vision and another part with a little of fiction, fiction provided by the imaginative way he sees the essentials of especially urban landscapes. The result is a subtle and very special work that has the virtue of capturing the viewer's interest at the same time that the viewer can easily find the message that the artist wants to convey.



La Tarragona de

Juan Varea

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